The Rødkærgård surroundings

You find Rødkærgård at the end of a small winding road that takes you through the tiny little village of Lille Viby. The rich and fertile soil of the region has formed our surroundings and had an influence on the size of the buildings. There are just eight properties here. Old farms and houses of traditional style for the area and the time around the year 1900.

The old part of our garden is designed with a traditional rose bed and a verge with herbaceous perennials which we have maintained. We like flowers and our guests are welcome to use the whole garden.

Right outside the farm entrance, lies the old pond that was previously used for washing the workhorses and carriages. Today, it is the habitat of different birds and insects.

The near surroundings

The farm lies in the middle of open fields which means that there are clear views to the sky and to the east and west. Behind the farmhouse, part of the field has been transformed into a huge lawn with meadow grass and different trees. We continuously plant new trees.

We have different small spots around the garden where it is wonderful to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee. Please use them!

The inlet

With only 200 metres to the inlet down our private path, our guests have a very special chance to enjoy the peace and quite of the beautiful nature. We can recommend bringing a pot of coffee to our little coffee spot on the shore of the inlet. It’s a small opening where there is almost never any wind. A place where one can just sit and listen to the birds and the sounds of the water and enjoy the view. A view that seems slightly different every day.

It is also possible to fish in the inlet.

The close surroundings at Rødkærgård

May 2017. The rape is in full bloom and smells of spring.

Our animals

We have bees at Rødkærgård. We have bees because we find that honey is a fantastic product of nature and because we in this way contribute to the pollination of our local crops and plants. We serve our own honey for breakfast and we also have jars for sale, when our bees have been busy and we have enough in stock.

We keep our two shetland ponies, Martha and Caesar, and three cats simply for the pleasure of having them. They are all very friendly and like a little chat, so please go ahead and talk to them.

We also have 15 free-range chickens who do the best they can to provide us with eggs for our breakfast guests. We keep the chickens because we think that they belong at the farm. When they go on their daily rounds in the garden, they furthermore help us by clearing the weeds. That gives us beautiful and healthy eggs.