Events in the Kerteminde area

There are many different events in the Kerteminde area throughout the year. Of course most of the summer. Below is the list by date.


Sail Extreme in Pentecost

Sail Extreme is a large annual recurring sailing event for big children and young people.

Cherry Festival

The traditional cherry festival in Kerteminde 3rd week in July

Beach Volley

Beach volleyball event, semi-final – last weekend in July
Also an annual recurring event at Kerteminde Nordstrand


A great artistic event Artweek with exhibitions and workshops, previously held in Kerteminde, but now moved to Odense.

Chamber Music Festival

Another recurring and traditional arrangement with international and Danish names.



More events in the Kerteminde area

In addition, of course, there are a number of other things going on here in the Kerteminde area.



Events in the Kerteminde area are, for example, the Tour de Kerteminde, here on the way past Rødkærgård

Image from Tour de Kerteminde 2016. The kayaks are on their way past Rødkærgård. The Tour de Kerteminde is also a bike race.

Events in Odense



Tinderbox is a music festival with Danish and international music names in late June.


Odense’s new music, theater and conference hall opened in 2017. Many cultural events take place here. Check out their calendar.

Of course, there are also far more exciting events going on in Odense and its surroundings than mentioned here.

We are located approx. 20-30 minutes drive from Odense, depending on how far you need to go. Check out VisitOdense.