Free bicycle loan


Free bicycle loan at Rødkærgård. We have a range of used bicycles in working order that our guests can borrow for free – first come, first served. We only have bicycles for adults. All bicycles are adjustable according to leg length. We are located 3 km from Kerteminde city center. That’s about 10 minutes on bicycle.


From the very beginning, the idea with the free lending out of bikes has been that those of our guests who wish to go to Kerteminde to enjoy a meal will have the opportunity to also enjoy a glass of wine or a beer. We are happy to show you how to take alternative, beautiful and cozy routes that will give you a completely different experience than going by car. This can be a wonderful experience on a summer evening. Besides that, it can be quite pleasant not having to find a parking place.


Secondhand bikes


What the bikes might lack in comfort and beauty, they make up for in simplicity and potential good experiences. The bikes are secondhand. The lending out of our bikes underpin our aim of sustainability and consideration for the environment. We do take pleasure ourselves in taking the bike to Kerteminde, enjoying a slow ride through the forest Lundsgårdskoven or going for a short ride to one of the sandy beaches in Kertemindes where we take a swim or have an ice cream. There are areas in Kerteminde that you will discover best on foot or bicycle. A relatively new recreational, outdoor area, Sybergland, is also highly recommended for a bike ride.